Massimiliano Adelmo Giorgini

Mass Giorgini: Producer/Engineer (Anti-Flag, Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, etc), CoProductions include Billie Joe Armstrong (of Green Day), Kris Roe (of the Ataris), John Strohm (of the Lemonheads), Paul Mahern (producer of John Mellencamp, Iggy Pop), and Anjali Dutt (producer of Oasis, My Bloody Valentine). Sonic Iguana Studios founder. Screeching Weasel bass. Squirtgun bass/b. vocals, Common Rider bass/sax. Occasional contributor to Punk, Rock Sound, and Punk Planet magazines.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Current Mastering Project:
Howard Zinn Spoken Word split EP with punk band Resident Genius

Historian Howard Zinn is undoubtedly celebrated in his own academic discipline, having taught at Harvard University, the University of Paris, the University of Bologna, Spellman College, and Boston University in addition to having earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University. Indeed, his best-known book, A People's History of the United States: 1492 to the Present is an oft-quoted text within both popular culture magazines and academic journals. This book is unique among history books in that its entire focus is to present the historical events described in its title from the perspective of the defeated in each conflict – thus turning the tables on the idiom “history is written by the winners.”

The popular success of A People’s History led directly to Zinn being widely held within liberal circles as a sort of “Champion of the Underdog.” Zinn has taken that title and made a second career with it, writing several books, articles, and even plays that expanded his role from Professor of History into recognition as a political theorist and outspoken social activist. His working-class upbringing and years of military service during the second world war have given his writings a common-sense approach far removed from the stereotypes of grandiloquent intellectualism that conservatives typically ascribe to liberal thinkers.

I have been fortunate enough to have been asked to master an upcoming release that will feature spoken-word audio recordings of Howard Zinn along with songs from punk band Resident Genius, an act known for its involvement in activism and lyrics dealing with socio-political issues. The release is to be issued in CD-EP form later this year by Thick Records.